Smooth Store Wirral - The Benefits of Storing with us

Here at Smooth Store Wirral, our aim is to make your house move or storage issues run as smoothly as possible.

We know how stressful it can be, so we are here to help take away some of that stress.

Our past and present customers have been a great asset in recommending us at Smooth Store. We are a small business with a great big heart and care about what we do.

So let us help you, give us a call on 0151 342 2222

Why you should Store with Smooth!

  • Stored inside a secure, fully insured warehouse
  • Support if you need a hand from our friendly staff
  • Low-cost storage
  • Next Day access, Monday to Friday
  • Hire multiple storage PODS if you need
  • Local, Wirral based storage with easy access
  • Pop in and see for yourself.


Our Breathable Wooden Containers are:

  • 5ft wide (1.53m)
  • 7ft Deep (2.13m)
  • 7ft Tall (2.13m)

They have base dimensions of 35 square foot (3.25 m2) and hold a volume of 250 cubic feet (7.1 m3)

Each POD has strong pallet bases and can stack up to 5 high, although we only go 3 high.

The storage containers hold most domestic furniture, as it is rare that sofas, tables etc are bigger than 7 feet.

Come and see for yourself

We’ll have your POD ready for you

We will have your Wooden Container Ready for you to load or unload your belongings.

Simply Book a time slot so we know when you are coming. Once we know you are coming, we will have your Container (POD) ready at our Warehouse Shutter door for you.

We will open the POD and leave you to it. Of course, we are always about to assist if needed.

Book an appointment


Smooth Store is your ONE STOP Storage and Removals Shop. Feel free to give any of our lovely reception staff a call if you have any questions. You can also pick up your Cleaning Supplies while you are here!

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